Be Here

from by Brandon Cain

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.Based On A True Story: This track is based on real life events. Some of the names and dates have been changed."This is real hip hop at it's finest" says In A Struggle A&R Executive Berry Williams. We worked hard on this project to bring you real hip hop. Hope you enjoy!
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Yeah! Let me get comfy.
What up to the East coast. What up to the West.
What up to the best. Yall niggas know the rest mighyt want to take a stretch we gone be here for awhile nigga. Yeah1
It's Brandon Cain smoking Keyshia Cole.
On fire like a nigga ought to tuck and roll. I bet we both know how it is when that paper low.
You from probably treating pussies like you pay for those.
My man no slipping on that pimping keep that paper long. And if you did it how I did it then just sang along play the song or bump the instrumental.
Know that how you feeling though is not coincidental. There is so much to see but we can just explain a little so I bust out the frame for yall to get the bigger picture. Don't judge me by my cover couse my get up has know glitter and I'm a star that piss in public and spit where I litter.
I got a big heart though ask somebody with him but I got to keep it hard like I stay up on my sit-ups.
Crystal ball flow. Couldn't be any clearer. Just in case I got a tech to come and check my antenna so just wait mane we gone be here for awhile nigga
Yeah! We gone be here for awhile mane, like that old Jay-Z mane. Like that new J Cole mane .. So we might as well smile like we giving out portraits. Yeah and they say I got that killer flow so I'm just giving out portions.
Until they find me a fortress with a Cutlass where the porch is . Right now I can't afford it though I'm working on the mortgage and I'm dropping what they notice like Kim K. doing aerobics showing flowers of her lotus with Big Peter no Lois. All for the voters. Spit the hottest shit I know you heard I was the coldest. Christmas in Dakota. Contradiction noted. With closest to the last or last to the closest or the room seem empty but its still full of vultures. Got a real nigga focused can't leave myself open to the notions and the potions of riddlers and jokers so a soldier on duty like your shitter with a floater and I'll be here for awhile nigga.Yeah! we gonebe here for awhile duke. Like that nigga T.I.P. mane like my mane Big Krit we cn do this all day everyday this here ain't shit matter fact it was meant. You think less you got me bent. For real.
Yeah! And I feel like a hitman. Could go anywhere with this reference. I could carry weapons or kill every session . Either or or both I thanking God for the blessing and my partner M.C. for the snub Smith & Wesson. Had a few police asking a whole lot of questions. No whipping no stretching facts no guessing. Give the boy a beat or he could go acapella.
King without a scepter hoping yall accept him. Done came up far from jail from pushing cigs with my cellie and chasing that confetti in a candy covered Chevy. My misses got a misses so I laid it on them heavy. We met a couple years after Katrina broke them levees, I was pushing that weight she would spot when necessary till the cops came through. I knew I lost it all. She said naw daddy not at all. Its cool we gone be here for awhile duke. Yea been here for awhile mane, Yeah. And I'm gone make the fam proud mane. Busting these rhymes like a cop on call that result in a trail mane. All for the crowd mane. Download Now mane.


from Made In America, released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Brandon Cain Huntsville, Alabama

Brandon's honest, first hand testimonies of street life and culture resonate with all those living in America's rougher
neiborhoods. Brandon laser sharp wit and social awareness makes his music thoughtful, and give it depth. Listen to some of Brandon's signature tracks, and learn why he's being lauded as an important emerging artist in the hip-hop genre!
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