Made In America

by Brandon Cain

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Based On A True Story: This track is based on real life events. Some of the names and dates have been changed."This is real hip hop at it's finest" says In A Struggle A&R Executive Berry Williams. We worked hard on this project to bring you real hip hop. Hope you enjoy!
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released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Brandon Cain Huntsville, Alabama

Brandon's honest, first hand testimonies of street life and culture resonate with all those living in America's rougher
neiborhoods. Brandon laser sharp wit and social awareness makes his music thoughtful, and give it depth. Listen to some of Brandon's signature tracks, and learn why he's being lauded as an important emerging artist in the hip-hop genre!
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Track Name: Kill Again
Working this fucking job that don't pay off and they talking bout layoffs. Nigga if that one there don't sound rough, check out my bitch in here talking shit like few bucks that I do get and this big long dick really ain't enough. Makes me want to sport a chrome grip like the newest of outfits in the mist of telling the clerk to give up and hope that I get enough to get me some of whatever Bobby gave Whytney or Whytney gave Booby you tell us. Nigga I'm fed up like I'm hanging from my ankles. You on the other side of this banger use in danger. See I been watching all the plays and peeped the game from every angle and this Bitch is extra dirty as sure as the stars are spangled. Land of the built on kidnap and murder. They rolled up in there boats ans with smiles pulled out they're burners. That's how a nigga feel whenever I feel determined so empty out your pockets whomever this is concerning please don't make me shoot.

Please Don't Make Me Kill Again!!!!
Til My Kitchen Got A Brand New Island No Gilligan!!!!
Please Don't Make A Nigga Shoot.
Just Put It on My Tab Pop The Safe And Give Your Boy The Lute.
So I Don't Have To Do That Like

When George W. sent the crew back. I had a couple of partners I knew plus my cousin flew back to them water less beaches. Where the buzzards are screeching. Holding brand new guns as slick as the Devil's Grease is. And everybody knew what was bout to go down true that. The sun shining bright but the feeling of death blue,black. Exact opposite of this white caddy that rolled through the block then stopped. We all looked up like who that? And two cats hop talking bout did team knock out. This one for my cuz who here ready to pop off. Right before he swung the wrong way and hit the smallest one with biggest gun so willing to blow his top off. I could see it in his eyes as his face twitched and spit drip right up off his lip the same instant he pulled the glock out to give this dip shit a quick trip one way to face the all mighty or visit hell for a cop out.

Please Don't Make Me Kill Again!!!!
Til My Kitchen Got A Brand New Island No Gilligan!!!! For Real
Please Don't Make A Nigga Shoot.
Just Put It on My Tab Pop The Safe And Give Your Boy The Lute.
So I Don't Have To Do That Like

Like Pookie off of New Jack, or Nino Brown when he found out G-Money smoking and wouldn't no getting the crew back. Or Ice Cube in Bryan Turner's office with two bats. I bet when Ronald Reagan gave Ricky Ross that pack he said am I my brothers keeper or should my brother just keep up. Even if he hit the dice game and lost his re-up. He should go and catch the next man sitting with his feet and sneak up with heat until we up again!
Track Name: Letter to the D.A.
One thing for certain, and two things for show
You ain't got to go home when your ass leave here but we all got to go
So just wave motherfucker, just wave
Just wave motherfucker just wave,but this ain't goodbye
No this ain't goodbye cause I don't do those no lie.
Man this really old Italian guy said if I don't leave my city I'll be sorry.
I parlty respect that message sent through my lawyer who won't do nothing for you unless you're paying him promptly so District Attorney Mr. Richard Rizzarti and all these other motherfuckers who just don't like me.
Maybe cause of this long black dick or pretty white miss or the life that I live look so enticing, makes them want to smile in my face and wave when you pass by my way cause you ain't got enough balls just to say nigga Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you. For you I'll say the shit. Fuck you, Fuck that, and Fuck this. Tell your mom's and your broad I say get together suck a dick then squeeze on these big old balls to see what all becomes of it. Turn my wife to a lady they have something in common with ... First give her a call to see if she would like some of it and she might just say Thank you..
Matter fact everbody standup.
Now could you please put your hands up, know this is something you a fan of, you a fan of.
So just wave motherfucker, just wave
Just wave motherfucker just wave,but this ain't goodbye
No this ain't goodbye cause I don't do those no lie.
My nigga lowdown told me its only two reasons that people will come around you. Either they want to help you or either they want to see you hurt. They want to watch you build or they want to break it down, down down to nothing the fucking fronting punk pussy fake ass haters hate to see a nigga come up. Will do anything to the next man. Lie to his face . Steal. Kill. Just to keep a real nigga stuck. But really really most of them hoes more than those women that'll quickly jump straight out they clothes for a few bucks.Silly silly is he to believe pushing down on another to get ahead of the game will be enough. You sad sick bicycle seat sniffing, baby dick licking, couldn't be more of a bitch niggas will learn. as sure, as sure as God is my armor I don't have to try to harm you because the cycle of karma will get its turn and and I just got to say Thank you
Matter fact everbody standup.
Now could you please put your hands up, know this is something you a fan of, you a fan of.
So just wave motherfucker, just wave
Just wave motherfucker just wave,but this ain't goodbye
No this ain't goodbye cause I don't do those no lie.
Track Name: Be Here
Yeah! Let me get comfy.
What up to the East coast. What up to the West.
What up to the best. Yall niggas know the rest mighyt want to take a stretch we gone be here for awhile nigga. Yeah1
It's Brandon Cain smoking Keyshia Cole.
On fire like a nigga ought to tuck and roll. I bet we both know how it is when that paper low.
You from probably treating pussies like you pay for those.
My man no slipping on that pimping keep that paper long. And if you did it how I did it then just sang along play the song or bump the instrumental.
Know that how you feeling though is not coincidental. There is so much to see but we can just explain a little so I bust out the frame for yall to get the bigger picture. Don't judge me by my cover couse my get up has know glitter and I'm a star that piss in public and spit where I litter.
I got a big heart though ask somebody with him but I got to keep it hard like I stay up on my sit-ups.
Crystal ball flow. Couldn't be any clearer. Just in case I got a tech to come and check my antenna so just wait mane we gone be here for awhile nigga
Yeah! We gone be here for awhile mane, like that old Jay-Z mane. Like that new J Cole mane .. So we might as well smile like we giving out portraits. Yeah and they say I got that killer flow so I'm just giving out portions.
Until they find me a fortress with a Cutlass where the porch is . Right now I can't afford it though I'm working on the mortgage and I'm dropping what they notice like Kim K. doing aerobics showing flowers of her lotus with Big Peter no Lois. All for the voters. Spit the hottest shit I know you heard I was the coldest. Christmas in Dakota. Contradiction noted. With closest to the last or last to the closest or the room seem empty but its still full of vultures. Got a real nigga focused can't leave myself open to the notions and the potions of riddlers and jokers so a soldier on duty like your shitter with a floater and I'll be here for awhile nigga.Yeah! we gonebe here for awhile duke. Like that nigga T.I.P. mane like my mane Big Krit we cn do this all day everyday this here ain't shit matter fact it was meant. You think less you got me bent. For real.
Yeah! And I feel like a hitman. Could go anywhere with this reference. I could carry weapons or kill every session . Either or or both I thanking God for the blessing and my partner M.C. for the snub Smith & Wesson. Had a few police asking a whole lot of questions. No whipping no stretching facts no guessing. Give the boy a beat or he could go acapella.
King without a scepter hoping yall accept him. Done came up far from jail from pushing cigs with my cellie and chasing that confetti in a candy covered Chevy. My misses got a misses so I laid it on them heavy. We met a couple years after Katrina broke them levees, I was pushing that weight she would spot when necessary till the cops came through. I knew I lost it all. She said naw daddy not at all. Its cool we gone be here for awhile duke. Yea been here for awhile mane, Yeah. And I'm gone make the fam proud mane. Busting these rhymes like a cop on call that result in a trail mane. All for the crowd mane. Download Now mane.
Track Name: For My Niggaz
This how I feel right now mane. This is how I feel. What am I suppose to act like when my stomach be touching my back. My baby girl need her some clothes these be needing that pack and I just want to rap but I'm stuck off in this trap. Like Granddaddy off the lot with a brand new lac, I'm strapped with the snub nose. Can't let them get me. I hope I don't have to bang this motherfucker til its empty. About another's envy or maybe too much Remy. I swear I done seen it all. I done been where they gone see me. And either way it go you know I'm trying to make a killing.While watching for these coppers. The cost of doing business.Like I'm coming for the jack with this weapon I'm concealing throw your motherfucking hands up like you know what the deal is for my niggas. ... This one for my niggas. Hold that thought cause I ain't finished. My bitch want her some fendy. D.A. want a kife sentence. Me I need a new semi. I just might name her friendly. But yall don't have to meet her unless you happen to offend me. Then I'm gonna have to bust her like the police do my kindred. Man the way your boy bust it I should be on tour with Kendrick but I'm stuck off in these trenches with the robbers, and the killers. Pill poppers,. Syrup sippers. Riding late at night praying them lights don't flicker
Track Name: Devil's Ride
I think it all started out with big cuz. Kicking doors when he showed me where them licks was. Loving hoes till he showed me how them tricks was all in his room till they all got they dick rubbed. Soon exposed that money and them clothes when I stayed with that blow like Hoootie and them fish done.
Never sweat so clean so fresh like I'm just out the prettiest of tubs with the big suds. Alabam red clay nigga thick mud. Huntsvegas where these haters working with the fuzz. Got my atheletic lawyer pulling triple dubs. Told me swim just enough to keep my head above. So I'm in that water with piranhas trying to get more. While you suckers blowing bubbles in your fish bowls. In the kitchen where the cooks got the big stoves. I kept a set of new tires for these slick roads you know..
Don't let that Devil Ride aaw naw. Don't you let that Devil Ride. Don't do it.. Cause if you let that Devil Ride he will surely want to drive.
Don't let him ride with you. aaw naw..
Yeah! Cause look at me I tried to get away. Fly right but it seems that I'm here to stay. Moved up to making deals on the Interstate. With daydreams of good things in a biggerstate in a big estate. WQhere that bread at. and enough snow to ride on a sled back. I pray to God that I'm far from where the feds at cause like a fat broads genitals I was a big snatch and you'se a big puss. But that's a different stat. See me I make it happen and then I make it stack. You'll never make it trapping. You're not built for that. They sleeping on a pimp though they where the pillows at and I'm up with demons. I swear I'm trying to shake them. They looking at tne money man I swear they trying to take it. Staring at the hog like we all need the bacon. Pray to the Lord that we all leave safely for real.
Track Name: Rolling
Rolling through your Avenue. Making money buddy. I'm just doing what I got to do. Ain't nothing funny dummy..
Jay Problem : Hey I'm just doing what I got to do. By any means necessary I'm gone get the lute. Got so bitches now I don't know who to choose. Cause they all got good head like they play the flute.. And we ain't cool just because I went to
Track Name: Stay High
To be honest lately I been faded I stay high yes I stay high like never ending salutations. Salutations Hi to you all and to you all how you do? How you do? If your reply is that you high then I'm with you as if I'm too tall. Like regular is too small I puff and then I blow like an attempt to make it cool off. But really its al cool dawg. One shot out to Lu dog. Real nigga been with a nigga sincemy first move no uhaul . Just me and my two balls. Down for the cause like Fuck the Lawa and all that! Man I'm a ride till the wheels fall or your mama call for her car back. Thats how it is. And thats how it was. Thats just how I feel . How aI feel . Learned from the 80's players thatr taught to keep it real and tote that steal so I did. Word to my mama Miss Emily please forgive me for all the trouble I know I caused I'm sorry. No I'm not proud of this hardly. Should have went to school probably. And for all of this I blame my Uncle Charlie. See Uncle Charlie had a job sweating puddles working hard everyday . I got to give him that respect. But when them lights got cut and everything was Fucked up we found out a sack of crack took his check.
Track Name: Relax
Yeah ! they straped. But it's cool. Just Relax and sit back , cause I'm back and I'm strapped.

Well all the kids got pistols. and its a shortage on crack. We all trying to eat got a nigga like me against the wall so I don't have to watch my back. Mane I swear that I can't do shit. Not even parking lot pimp. It seems everywhere that I'm at out the window they hang woth choppers that bang. It's like I
Track Name: Pusher
Real life shit..

Blonde Missy was a school cheerleader smart as dhit. Now a stripper called Karma same name as her kid. Ended up turning trick after trick for a hit of whatever the fuck you got what you name is what she did.. Shoot it up snort it. Drank it up pop it. Steal the draws off her momma's ass if she got to. Just to get to get a little bit of that to chase with the vodka. It's a never ending cycle dog you just can't stop. Tale it back you see that she was cool no doubt. Til she met this loser that we all call mouse in a small smal house is the place where they sit. Roxy,roxy nod out. Cigarette lit. Hope they don't start a fire. Baby son't chole. Awakened in the back room house full of smoke. Hope Mouse sucks s dick.Hope she don't overdose. Cause I'm close to someone that loves her more than the motherfucking pusher...

You know I had to get him when I heard he dragged little Kody after school. He was just in kindergarten nigga. Where he at I couldn't catch him till the next day at breakfast. Made it known my little brother wouldn't the one to mess with. His name was B'Mac. I showed him where its at. He used to say his brother Keith sold alot of crack. they was straight form Meadow Hills where every street has a trp. So what he said was true perhaps. As time went on young Keith went on a free robbing spree that killed a man and made the Mureder case a Cap. his pop's a no show. Know his mama broke. Left the whole house right non B-Mac's back. He had a hard grind. That landed him in jail. Ansd due to ciclecell a few problems with his health. We took the same train to the pen and became best friends. Weeks later heard he died in his cell. Just because my nigga pushed a little weed and the judge gave him five. But they might as wellhave gave him life, cause they fucking let him die. If they had have gave the man his blood transfusiond he would still be alive. Rest In Peace to my nigga B-Mac. I swear your boy cried. And I got to say Alabama D.O.C. ain't shit
Track Name: Church In The Club
Cause Lord this is fit so perfect,
And Lord these bitches so thirsty
And Lord these niggas unworthy
And Naw I ain't got no mercy
Naw No I ain't got no mercy
Lord cause these bitches so thirsty
Lord and these niggas unworthy
Lord and I ain't got no mercy

Well I got this water drink up
Pardon the big cup that qass is thick cut. Take big gulp . You thirsty ain't you. We can make arrangements. Me I'm in a hurry but my bitch is patient, So call me doc in any situation. Situate the way that ass is facing. Til its adjacent to your tation. And then drop it down until the music fading. This beat is bassing no third base. No home plate, just pimps and haters. Don't be surprised if I come in the place and they go outrageous like guns a blazing. Some where straight and some were chasing. Some were high and mostly wasted. Some were waiters but I ain't waiting. Keep it real with all baby no fugazzi!
Track Name: The Moment
This is it right Now And I swear this is your shit right now. And this is The Moment . Ain't no if ands,buts,or possiblies. No maybes, nor probablies. We gone get it popping do whatever go wherever. This is it right now. And I swear that you the shit right now. And this is your Moment. Ain't no if ands,buts,or possiblies. No maybes, nor probalies We gone get together go wherever do whatever tonight.

And we both know that we way too high to be laying low and, I feel as though your attention is something worth paying for. I'lll spend mine. If the object's for me to know you and you to know me in due time we'll reveal all like taking off clothes slowly.
Track Name: Cutlass 69
Now I don't know if somebody stole it or I lost my mind. But right now that is one thing that I just can't find. And I don't like the way that I feel inside. So I take a shot of white and I chase with brow hoping that this pain might drown. or maybe it can hide while I take a little drive. High above the edge off into the sky. In my Cutlass 69 . Damn.. I wish I had a Cutlass.

Got as lot of problems though. Don't know how to solve them. Without involving lawyers and like quite a few revolvers. Locking all my doors and screening all my callers.
Track Name: From The Top
From the Top . Shots out to my listeners thats new to the spot. I represent the hustle cause the hustle don't stop. Its because of your support that I am what they're not
Track Name: Haters Say
Sitting . Millimeter off in the car me and the law arch nemesis like gadget and Claw. Chest stay full of wood like forests and Pinnochio or the jaws of that hoe on Henn and XO. If you already know then let the rest know when the pimp get up in it you keep your vest close hoe. Grew up where it wouldn't much to hope for and everybody I went to school with sell blow. And the same motherfuckers that want to arrest folks work for the same niggas thats bringing in all the dope. I bet you do it for hoes or 24's or your niggas locked down in the pen missing a show. An artist that fed my folks as a dealer. Put it down Mount Vernon to Delia got to feel a great young figure coming correctly. Know they
Track Name: Right Frequency
Shooting stars, Close to Mars, High in the sky
I'm from afar and saw you passing through.
Shining so bright in the darkest blue, I have a question to ask of you,maybe I was hoping you could tell what you do to get to heaven

Cause I sho'll want to go there . I hope he loves a sinner. Or like king David I hope he loves a killer. I done had a few abortions and shota couple victims. I hope all is forgivien. Cause Lord knows its been a hard road. Shit. I get nervous watching cop shows. And despite that the stars shine bright you can catch me in the cut like I got stage fright, or kicking it in the club till my morning late nights. Got a heavy left shoulder but I'm trying to stay right. While chasing that cabbage. With liquor in my glasses. With woment that where less clothes like they ain't into to fashion. my life's a little faster than average and thats real. I feel the average sports car. Circumstances difficult to keep it Kosher. Like its Nazi's on the front of fam's postcard but I still say me a prayer. Then I get gone. I hope they travel fast throught the Ozone. Cause my rightw seem to go wrong. My nights seem to go long. Everyday I have less inhibitions bout what does on. They say that I'm devilish and so and so on.. I hope this ain't the last hit like its one to grow on. Never mind me talking bout the end of me, to myself I hope I got the right frequnecy. Frequency.

Shooting stars, Close to Mars, High in the sky
I'm from afar and saw you passing through.
Shining so bright in the darkest blue, I have a question to ask of you,maybe I was hoping you could tell what you do to get to heaven

I mean if I had a rocket would I fly past it? Have me and my pistol trying to borrow one from NASA. Lightyears away hope I get there fast enough. My fuel kind of low thought don't really think I have enough so : Breaker, breaker base no speakers no cook up. I got a destination that I need yall to look up. I no I'm out of favors but I really need this hook-up. Cause my situation sticky as a jellly covered booger. Middle finger up to the onlookers. And the cops in the cars with no papaer trying to book us. I wonder do they really feel a niggas skill is heaven sent or faith withour evidence brings victory thats prevlaent. Or if death has a future does life has a past one and one before that/ Is the present just another lent? Never mind me speaking bout the end of me to yself. I hoope I got the right frequnecy. Frequency.
Track Name: Welcome
Its ok. My nigga its gone be ok. Its ok its ok its alright its alright. My nigga it is all right . My nigga its gone be ok . Its ok its oka its alright its alright Cause I know i'm suppose to be here, and so are you. and I can't even explain how glad I am that you came. Bout as glad I am I stayed I think this what we should do. Just let the record play. And we won't worry bout today. We just gone let the record play.And we ain't worried bout a thang cause really its all the same as we welcome you to.
Just another presentation and i'd like to thank you for your patience and for tuning in to my station. And since I'm here therte is no need for waiting so uhh.

Shot out to Archie Donaldson. And that temp fade that he had since the tenth grade. Back when I would bust a flow ina an attempt to get laid and he was like fuck all that shit my nigga you gone get payed while holding a blunt thats lit. Jeans still baggy but my pocket slim fit. While spitting game to a broad that swore she was hard to get. And the cd bumping something like bitches ain't shit or slobon my knob. I could have swore I was a pimp i guess the guy gfor the job. The hand that I was dealt so I had to play my cards but I can turn my shit to aces though like magic tricks at Vegas shows, or order to a waitress from a rich niggas table with no floaties so no saving hoes what the fuck you take me for. My bad been spazzing out lately though but back to the move we all in the groove like a well places screw as I conrinue to tell you that uhh
I know i'm suppose to be here, and so are you. and I can't even explain how glad I am that you came. Bout as glad I am I stayed I think this what we should do. Just let the record play. And we won't worry bout today. We just gone let the record play.And we ain't worried bout a thang cause really its all the same as we welcome you to. aAs we welcome you to as we welcome you to its ok its alright its alright my nigga it is alright.