from by Brandon Cain

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Based On A True Story: This track is based on real life events. Some of the names and dates have been changed."This is real hip hop at it's finest" says In A Struggle A&R Executive Berry Williams. We worked hard on this project to bring you real hip hop. Hope you enjoy!
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Real life shit..

Blonde Missy was a school cheerleader smart as dhit. Now a stripper called Karma same name as her kid. Ended up turning trick after trick for a hit of whatever the fuck you got what you name is what she did.. Shoot it up snort it. Drank it up pop it. Steal the draws off her momma's ass if she got to. Just to get to get a little bit of that to chase with the vodka. It's a never ending cycle dog you just can't stop. Tale it back you see that she was cool no doubt. Til she met this loser that we all call mouse in a small smal house is the place where they sit. Roxy,roxy nod out. Cigarette lit. Hope they don't start a fire. Baby son't chole. Awakened in the back room house full of smoke. Hope Mouse sucks s dick.Hope she don't overdose. Cause I'm close to someone that loves her more than the motherfucking pusher...

You know I had to get him when I heard he dragged little Kody after school. He was just in kindergarten nigga. Where he at I couldn't catch him till the next day at breakfast. Made it known my little brother wouldn't the one to mess with. His name was B'Mac. I showed him where its at. He used to say his brother Keith sold alot of crack. they was straight form Meadow Hills where every street has a trp. So what he said was true perhaps. As time went on young Keith went on a free robbing spree that killed a man and made the Mureder case a Cap. his pop's a no show. Know his mama broke. Left the whole house right non B-Mac's back. He had a hard grind. That landed him in jail. Ansd due to ciclecell a few problems with his health. We took the same train to the pen and became best friends. Weeks later heard he died in his cell. Just because my nigga pushed a little weed and the judge gave him five. But they might as wellhave gave him life, cause they fucking let him die. If they had have gave the man his blood transfusiond he would still be alive. Rest In Peace to my nigga B-Mac. I swear your boy cried. And I got to say Alabama D.O.C. ain't shit


from Made In America, released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Brandon Cain Huntsville, Alabama

Brandon's honest, first hand testimonies of street life and culture resonate with all those living in America's rougher
neiborhoods. Brandon laser sharp wit and social awareness makes his music thoughtful, and give it depth. Listen to some of Brandon's signature tracks, and learn why he's being lauded as an important emerging artist in the hip-hop genre!
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